Who We Are

Our team has extensive cross-domain expertise having worked on technologies in Agriculture, Banking, Financial, Medical, Music, Education, Consulting and numerous other verticals

Technology does not exist in isolation, so we take a holistic and pragmatic approach to technology, ensuring it is fit for purpose and can be expanded to deliver on the vision of the business. Each of us comes with extensive experience in architecture and development of large complex systems, however we are big proponents of “keeping simple things simple, while making complex things possible”.


To understand the technology, it is not just the “code” that needs to be understood – it is paramount that the vision, people and process are understood to be a core part of the technology function. We take all that into consideration for all work we undertake.

Our expertise is called upon by Founders with a desire to enhance or optimise the technology in their companies to ensure their emerging company is ready for exponential growth; we are called upon by the VC industry (ranging from billion dollar funds to sophisticated angel investors) to validate the technology (systems, people and processes) so that they are not hit with surprises down the track; and by corporates ranging from some of the world’s largest consultancies to local enterprises to validate or “make ready” emerging companies that they wish to partner with. We are also called upon as “Expert Witnesses” in cases (such as R&D claims disputes) to prepare and/or present our opinion on the technology aspects of the cases.
Our passion for technology drives us to constantly learn and grow, so no matter what the technology – be it traditional standalone, SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, or be it the rapidly evolving fields of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Blockchain, Security, etc, chances are that not only have we worked with the technology at the executive level, we have hands-on experience with it as wel

Our mission

Help Founders

Provide expert assistance solving key technology challenges.

Support Investors in Tech

Support and validate the value of technology investments.

Corporate Innovation

Enable corporations to innovate and work with startups.

Our Executive Team


Abhinov Gulati

CTO, Director

Simran Gambhir

CTO, Director

We look forward to assisting in your technology journey.​