For Founders

Virtual CTO

Get expert assistance solving key technology challenges at various levels of engagement from advisory, research, vendor management, technology road map to owning outcomes.

Technology Audit

Improve the output from your development team, and determine if your technology and team is ready to scale or handle the next level of growth.

Interview as a Service

You ensure the cultural fit, we’ll help you ensure the technical one.

For Investors

Technology Due Duligence

Derisk your investment by understanding if the technology is built securely and can scale, or are you in for surprises post investment.


Accelerate company progress by infusing the board with innovative digital thinking that creates new possibilities.

Interview as a Service

When helping your investments recruit, cultural fit and skills are both critical. You help ensure the cultural fit, we can help ensure the technical one.

For Corporates

Technology Validation

Validate that the technology from the startup can deliver what it promises.

Level-Up Startup

On your behalf, we can help startups with the 'rigour' required to them get ‘corporate ready’ so that they are [technically] ready for a partnership with you.

Find IT

You tell us your hardest challenges, we’ll find the best emerging companies that solve for those challenges.

Specialized Services

Half-Day Workshop

A half day session with our expert CTO’s to workshop key challenges for existing or new technology solutions.

We are fortunate to have worked across many industries and technologies and bring our varied and deep technology experience to the table.

Design Sprint

In collaborative whiteboard sessions, we bring our knowledge of the innovative and high-tech industry to help further enhance your product. In additional we work with you to produce an initial static prototype, and high level requirements.

Useful Links

Our experts have prepared some useful resources that can help on your technology journey.

We look forward to assisting in your technology journey.​